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Marketing Technologist Skills - Learn JavaScript

If you plan on using tag management systems or A/B Testing tools as a part of your set of marketing technology tools JavaScript will be a skill that will take you a long way. These links will set you on your way to learning JavaScript to a level that will be enough for any marketing technologist. JavaScript for Cats (link) The title may seem ridiculous but for me this is the best guide I have come across for complete beginners and it also introduces you to the Chrome dev tools which you will find yourself using a lot. Codecademy JavaScript...

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Google Tag Manager Auto-Event console.log Debugger

Here is some code you can add to help debug auto-event tracking. Ensure you have have created the macro element name first as follows; Tag Name: GTM Extension - Auto-Event Console Log Debugger Tag Firing Rules Set the tag to fire with the following firing rules. auto-event equals gtm.click auto-event equals gtm.formSubmit auto-event equals gtm.linkClick Tag Blocking Rules: (this is optional. requires you to enable the macro debug mode) debug mode equals false Tag Code:

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Extend The Google Tag Manager Debugger

Code provided by Stephane Hamel of Cardinal Path on Google+ - bit.ly/DebugExtGTM Tag Name: GTM Extension - Debug Extension Tag Type: Custom HTML Firing Rules: Event equals gtm.load Blocking Rules: Debug Mode equals false (requires debug macro) Tag Code:

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Test Google Tag Manager On Any Website Using TamperMonkey

There are a few good ways to test or prototype with Google Tag Manager on a website including websites that you do not own. The method I like to use is injecting code into a website using the chrome extension TamperMonkey. Use JSON Mate to help expand a json dataLayer as it gives you an easier method to edit as JSON can be quite fiddly. This example is designed to run on the John Lewis website. Change the following things in the code for your tests. The domain filter on line 6 // @include *johnlewis* The if (){} and else...

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